Upcoming Roxanne Meadows Interview and speech at Reforum | 2021

On Nov. 19th at 10 am EDT, which is Miami time, Roxanne Meadows will be interviewed at REFORUM. The conference is online November 18th and 19th.

Website https://winningthehearts.com/en

In 2020, Reforum started shaping a new conversation about humans in the world of the future, and their values, through a series of online forums.

Reforum continues to explore trends that suggest how human priorities will change in the future including what we will pay more or less attention to and what will completely disappear from the radar.

Reforum studies the main concerns of the modern person today: health, the future of work and work relationships, promising and so desperately needed ideas around which world capital and markets will be concentrated.

The mission of the new REFORUM WINNING THE HEARTS is to unite people, ideas, and projects that lay the foundation for a healthy future.

This will be the 10th International Forum on Human Development, Business Models, and Technologies Changing the Future.


Beyond Politics, Poverty and War

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Good to see some activities from TVP. They seem to recycle mostly Jacque his material, when looking at their FB and YT page. I don’t follow their activities closely though, I could be wrong :slight_smile:

There will be Robert Sapolsky from Stanford University as well.
But yeah, they do recycle a lot of material that should be less of importance.

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The material is still great and doesn’t age very fast. But it gives the impression that no one else can replace Jacque, which would be a problem.

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