Video and reports overview of projects

Hi all, I’m not too platform competent so I might have missed this somewhere else. Is there somewhere where projects are being recorded and shared? Im looking for things like tool liberty’s, community food grow/share etc. I would like to see a YouTube channel that has everything from small 1 person projects to large ones. Something I can show my kids so they know we are coming up with ways to change things. Its like all that false shit out there that goes viral, if it’s there and talked about and shared, it feels bigger then it is. We can then fill that exaggerated space with more projects? Keep the waves lapping!

I’m not familiar with a YouTube channel like that. But below is something I came across recently. You may of course start an initiative as you describe it here :slight_smile:

We do of course have the Projects subcategory :slight_smile: When used well, it will provide an overview of all the active projects within TZM. But it hasn’t catched on yet (doesn’t include all projects).

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