Volt: The Pan-European Political Movement

Anyone involved or heard about Volt?

I know we don’t recognize politics as an efficient way to arrive at decisions. But it’s what we have today, and it’s best to give room to the political parties that pave the way towards a better future, i.e. a post-scarcity society by the means of e.g. a resource based economy.

Some highlights that makes this party interesting:

  • Pan-European, but works on local level (grassroots)
  • Strong sustainability goals (EU CO2 neutral by 2040)
  • Many new ideas to utilize modern technology to “reinvent” democracy and improve society
  • Basic income (I’m personally not a huge fan, since it’s patch work and may increase consumption, but let’s see)
  • Hyperloop in Europe
  • Circular economy
  • They use a chapter structure, just like TZM

Read more about them:


Some more info from an influential journalist in The Netherlands: Why I'm voting for Volt

VoltEuropa website seems to be unreachable as of right now.
Might be some kind of botnet attack, DDOS or technical issues.

Strange, the website works fine here.

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Correct, it does happen only for my network. Maybe it’s only temporary. I suspect the internet provider.

A friend of mine with different alternative Internet Provider seems to not have any issues opening it.

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