We’re offering a data-driven (social) innovation internship for the EU Green Deal

DRIFT is looking for a research intern interested in supporting our work in the new EU project SHARED GREEN DEAL. Are you interested in exploring existing innovations in energy, circular economy, mobility, food, a.o. across Europe? Do you want to support us in understanding how innovations might contribute to achieving the EU Green Deal? Join the SHARED GREEN DEAL team under supervision of our experts!
In the words of the European commission, the Green Deal is a 1.8 trillion euro policy plan that “will transform the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy, ensuring: no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, economic growth decoupled from resource use and no person and no place left behind.”
DRIFT leads the SHARED GREEN DEAL research that sets out to identify what type of innovations currently exist that address six priority EU Green Deal topics (energy, circular economy, renovations, mobility, food, and biodiversity) and how they connect to the Green Deal more specifically. In our research, we will collaborate with project partners that have diverse expertise, but also build on existing databases that capture innovations.
This will all come together in an open-access database that can provide users with an overview of the geographic spread, the scale at which they operate, and their co-benefits or trade-offs with the diverse Green Deal ambitions. Building on the database, the team will develop a typology that can help make sense of innovation dynamics to achieve the Green Deal across Europe. We are looking for someone who can support the SHARED GREEN DEAL project with the development of this database and typology.
As the SHARED GREEN DEAL research intern your core tasks will be:

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