We WILL Fix Climate Change!

The intro is quite sad. Because the narrator seems to suggest that the oil industry is causing delays in change, due to short term profits. That behavior is typical of everyone because that’s what people need to do to survive. This system rewards self interest in the short term. Long term investments are a luxury. We cannot be sustainable or solve the climate crisis within this current system of infinite growth. We need a new system, based on what we actually have with the best of technology to realize sustainable abundance for all.

Some say that TZM lost its relevance… But the fact this awareness still hasn’t materialized in the mainstream justifies the existence of TZM. All we need is to become more active. Let your voice be heard and spread this Train of thought. Stop being so goddamn passive on this forum! :smile: I see you people visit every day, but not leaving any trace. No posts, no likes, no comments… Let’s do something. Like Jacque said, if you do nothing, nothing will happen. Share information, ideas, projects, your local activism, inspire others. Build a community, both online and locally to spread these ideas. That’s how we grow and become relevant (again). :wink: