Wearable Air Purifier with Voice Amplification - Razer Zephyr Pro

You can now get your fancy RGB[1] “professional” mask with voice amplification! Of course we already got masks with logos from Nike, Adidas and others. But this is a new form of commercialization by adding useless gadgets to something as simple as a mask. It has become a status symbol for some.

Of course it’s great that people are willing to wear a mask during this pandemic and they are free to express themselves in any way they want. But this does show how distorted we as society have become. With air pollution increasing, we might see more trends into this direction. Maybe next you can have an oxygen tank that not only can count your daily steps and heart rate, but also how much you have been breathing so you can share those stats on social-media to show off that you’re alive. :clown_face:

  1. red green blue LED colors ↩︎

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