What are the benefits and alternatives for a vega(n)/plant-based diet?

In this thread we compile all the pros and cons of a vega(n) diet. Does it improve our health? Does it contribute to a better environment? And the many other aspects that involve this topic.

In order to have synthetic meat production that does not create more problems than it solves, we need a adequate recycling infrastructure that also supports biowaste, in addition to using renewables:

Also, the average consumer isn’t very attracted to lab-grown meats:

If we can solve those problems, then I believe that synthetic meat will be the future.

My argument about synthetic meats being better for the environment and the people falls apart. I must therefore retrofit my arguments to say that I don’t suport ultra-processed synthetic meats, but rather, I support cultured meats where cells have been fed with healthy additives that are also used for feeding animals in organic farms, where renewables are used, where any waste is recycled, and where the product has a short lifespan due to low to no amounts of conservatives.

But wait, real synthetic meat is not based on cancer. It’s actually based on select cells and grown in sterile environments such as bioreactors. Also, not all immortalized cells (cells which are able to divide beyond their natural limit, which does not imply uncontrolled growth) are cancerigenic (meaning to have the ability to form tumors and grow beyond control)