What do you think TZM should do more?

And of course, please reply in the comments with examples how you contribute to this.

What should TZM do more?
  • Meetings (social networking and brainstorming)
  • Create more content (videos, podcasts, etc.)
  • Activism on the street (like Extinction Rebellion)
  • Projects to showcase emerging technology (aqua/hydroponics)
  • Educational projects

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Once our Jitsi setup is completed, I’m planning to do 30 minute TZM train of thought discussions with the Dutch chapter, but also people from other organizations. These discussions can then be streamed live directly on YouTube. Via Jitsi a TZM watermark will always be visible. Sharing content on the screen is easy, as well as embedding a YouTube video into the stream so we can live comment on it.

Once the lockdowns are over, we will continue to do orientation meetings. In these meetings we visit presentations which are TZM-alike. Subjects about city planning, circular economy, fablabs about e.g. 3D printing and much more. We visit these events in TZM clothes and distribute our stickers as well.

I’m also still in the process to start my Zeit-Talks series, which are short 10 minute single subject presentations. But time is limited, and my first priority is to finalize this forum. The final thing is the Jitsi setup, which should be done soon.

More to come as well… But let’s do one thing at the time and do that well :slight_smile:

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