What to include on your chapter's website

  1. In order to do proper activism it is important to write down what the TZM Train of thought is on a dedicated about page in your local language and in plain words. The book TZM Defined which was released in 2014 may help with this. By doing this exercise you also become more familiar and articulate in explaining the movement.
  2. A dedicated page with an FAQ[1] and associated answers. You can manage your time better by linking to this page when frequently asked questions pop up in emails, chats, social-media, etc.
  3. A contact form based on email. Because email is an open-standard which everyone has and can use on multiple operating systems and apps.
  4. A blog where you can post your Reports with RSS. This RSS feed can then be used to automate post creation on e.g. social-media.
  5. A page about how to get involved by including your meeting schedule, events and information about e.g. teams.
  6. A page which includes important lectures, podcasts and documents.
  7. A page dedicated to local solutions that ease the path for a transition towards e.g. an NL/RBE[2], think about the five great economic transitions: open-source, automation, localization, digital_feedback and strategic_access.
  8. Keep in mind a simple to navigate and read website. Less is more.
  9. Investigate how you can improve search engine optimization to increase your online exposure.
  10. Make use of a proper Creative Commons copyright license.
  11. Also, do take GDPR regulations into account when processing personal information and make sure you have a privacy statement.

An example:

  1. A list of frequently asked questions and their answers about a given subject. ↩︎

  2. Natural Law/Resource Based Economy ↩︎