Why evangelical Christians influence US foreign policy in the Middle East | Witness Documentary

Oh, it’s the “evangelicals are a secret apocalyptic death cult who’s only purpose in society is to bring about the End of Days” bullshit?

Haven’t heard that since the 2000’s.

Hi Herald, did you watch the video? It’s not a baseless title. And of course it’s not applicable to all religious people. But it does happen and it does have its influence, mostly in a negative way.

It’s not even about religion, it’s about evangelicalism.
Those guys are weird, but this is some Bush era meme that’s been overblown since forever.
Talk with them, they are more concerned with “fighting wokeness” and abortion than goading us into a nuclear apocalypse.

Besides, at least in the 2000’s it sorta made sense, with a neocon administration intervening in the Middle East under very dubious circumstances.

Now, the ruling Democrat administration is at odds with Tel Aviv, and keeps trying to not get involved too much, and even the Republican presidential nominee has been openly saying Israel should do what they need to finish this involvement ASAP, since it’s unsustainable, and a massive PR hit for everyone.

Are they so different? This video shows just one negative aspect. Which for sure is still happening, the obsession with the end of times is real. I also hear it from my religious friends. And it’s not consistent. Every world event is tied to it and quickly forgotten when the next event happens. That makes it a self fulfilling prophecy, especially when these nutjobs are in power. One way or the other, one day they will be right. Especially since the description of the end of times is so abstract. It applies basically to every period throughout history and for sure the future as well.

The corona pandemic exposed this religious aspect of holding progress back as well. Military support for Ukraine is also delayed because of support for Israel, among other things. Indeed basic human rights such as being yourself (gay) or taking care of yourself (abortion) is also held back because of religion. These things are not from the Bush era. They are happening worldwide for quite some time. And not just by Christians, also Muslims.

Our cultural zeitgeist is held back by religion. Luckily people are less involved with religion these days. But it still has a major influence.

Yes, because “is an ardent zionist out of some weird specific analysis of the Bible” is an evangelical thing, not a general religious thing(so we can talk about if religion is good or bad, in general).

And even for evangelicals, the obsession that their main goal in life is to cause the Rapture by goading Israel into causing a nuclear war is conspiracy tier nonsense.

It’s even sillier to reheat this old meme now, because at least back when neo-conservatism was in it’s glory days decades ago, this sort of hardcore “greatest ally” zionism was at least popular among the general public, so while ridiculous even back then, you could at least say it has SOME basis in reality.

Politics have changed a lot back then.
The Republicans shifted to “let’s make the jews and arabs trade, and fight Iran together, via the Abraham Accords”, while the Democrats are pissed off at Bibi being a warmonger half the time, so this theory is downright dated by now.

Again, i’m not evangelical, pro-Israel, or American, so i have no stake in this matter.