Wind power ugly or a necessary power source?

I live in Tramain
In my department of Côtes d’Armor, next to my home, at the level of the municipality of Plestan there are wind turbines I think that it remains ugly, at the level of the landscape, visual pollution and in addition the birds can stumble on a pylon or being killed by wind turbine propellers, an attack on the preservation of biodiversity
Even in Erquy and in the bay of Saint Brieuc there are demonstrations by fishermen who oppose wind power, because of the noise it causes in marine life, for fish.
Have you noticed that I have improved, by becoming less generic and providing context, for this subject?
What do you think?
Thank you
Good day

Well, I like the windmills. But maybe it’s because I’m Dutch :nerd_face: In nl we build big windmills, when I look out of my bedroom window I see 140 meter tall windmills. That during the day sometimes chop through the clouds (a true sky scrapper) and at night they are lit with nice lights which look futuristic.

So I don’t mind. There are also plenty of metal power poles, those are not an issue? We need to use all the sustainable power sources we can get. Sure there are drawbacks, but not moving towards a CO2 neutral/negative economy is much worse.

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