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Z:IV Update

As usual, I am running behind. But timing always seems a little special when it comes to this film series.

While preproduction is coming along well, I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot again with ideal deadlines. My health, financial survival & domestic life is very chaotic.

So, we are about a year out from release. Fall 2023

But – by the time this film does hit the global recession will be so bad the audience will be ripe to receive it.

At some point most people are going to realize that nothing is working that the establishment or business culture is trying when it comes to problem resolution.

Beyond that, I’m also fascinated by the resurgence of interest in Zeitgeist. Lots of requests for distribution already. Not only have people come out of the woodwork to support, the ever-loving trolls/haters have returned to their battle stations as well.

I welcome all of it. The funny thing about the trolls/haters is all they do is actually promote the work even more. It’s actually quite amusing, actually. After 15 years, I am completely immune to these idiots.

In fact, that’s part of the reason I’m returning to the series in general. I realized it literally doesn’t matter what the controversy is anymore. It doesn’t hurt the message or intimidate me.

The world is so stunningly upside down today that anyone criticizing Zeitgeist has their head straight up their ass.

But I will say this. While “Zeitgeist: The Movie” had a cultural power – seen by about 1 billion people today– which can never be imitated by myself or anyone else as it was a special creative moment in time – I’m actually far prouder of what’s developing in this new work than anything I’ve done before on the documentary level.

My film #Interreflections is still my tour de force masterpiece in my own mind, despite everyone’s short attention span and inability to understand it. 🙂

But Z: IV is going to kick some serious ass. Also, part of the reason this is taking so long is that it’s not just a film that’s been created. It’s also a new activist network that not based on education (like TZM) but based on the Design Revolution from the inside out.

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I’m really interested in this part. I wonder what he’s planning.