Zeit-Talks: Sustainability

In this Zeit-Talks episode we talk about Fairphone. Is such a modular fair-trade phone the answer to many of our problems? Or is our economy driving behavior that is not sustainable? What would be the solution? Another form of economics? That motivates and stimulates different behavior?

Good work mr Kees !
Little idea I think you will get a lot of attention/views if you throw TZM lens on famous shows / people interviews .
I have recently listened interesting Russel’s interviews with actor Rainn Wilson,

They discussed TZM themes, transition, … At the end Russel asks the viewers to share their opinions on possible way forward by posting comments to the video and their forum… then i got idea to write your this message :slight_smile:
So if you make short video with comments on their story and tell about RBE ,potential transition… your channel and TZM will get attention because million people follow his channels on Ytube , and on Rumble , and their dedicated forum .

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Do you have a link? Sounds interesting! I don’t think I’ll have time this month to do another episode. But I can leave some comments and links in their thread.

sorry I do not have link to their forum but he mentioned it in several of his episodes , i guess it is the one in video description “For a bit more from us join our Stay Free Community here:

Hmmm, that’s for members only and doesn’t look like a forum. But thanks for the suggestion and thinking along!