Zeitgeist day 2023?

Ive just joined and am curious to know if there is still a zday and if so when and where this yr?

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Welcome to the forum :tada: ZDay events have been less frequent over the years and came to almost a full stop during the pandemic years. I haven’t organized a ZDay in the Amsterdam region since 2017 due to being bussy finishing my masters and after that corona which made organizing events very difficult. Also, the TZM momentum has passed and I don’t expect people to care much anymore. First we need to spice up that involvement before we can bank on these social events. But that’s my view on it of course.

There was an event posted, maybe there was an event in Poland a month ago. But since everything is unconfirmed and the event is quite vaguely described as in what to expect, I also haven’t seen anything else about it, I don’t think it happened.