Zeitgeist: Requiem (when is the public release date?)

when tzm going to upload Requiem movie uploaded on torrent I can’t wait to see it.

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Peter Joseph still hasn’t uploaded the documentary online or given a copy to TZM, so the answer you’re looking for is up to him.

To know his next steps, I recommend you follow him on social networks for more news:
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PJ has to sort out some legal issues before a general online release can happen.




Update from PJ on his Patreon page:


I want to thank everybody who attended the screening of Zeitgeist Requiem. It was wonderful to meet so many of you. If you’ve tried to contact me afterward, please know that I am currently catching up on my emails and messages.

The project is now in the licensing and distribution stage. The final version will expand by about 20 minutes, likely… it never ends. :wink: But I will keep everyone posted on its progress and release.

Additionally, I am working on new educational projects to increase ‘prolific-ness.’ It has always been a goal to figure out ways to make works shorter, more concise, yet more digestible to the public. Easier said than done in this context.

While I keep dabbling with different forms, I’m considering a satirical whiteboard series that I have mentioned in the past, which was in fact introduced in the new film as a satire, as a new medium. Something that can be consumed in 3 to 5-minute spurts, as opposed to the long-winded expressions I annoyingly tend to gravitate towards.

More importantly, I plan to expand on the parallel economy project introduced in the film in a more detailed way (“Integral”), as the website is being developed. This will be the core of my focus for the near future. More information on this soon as a simulation website is, again, underway. I’m done with social activism in traditional forms. It’s all about figuring out how to get people to behave differently through different economic conditions… conditions that have to be built.

AND believe it or not, a new podcast is coming very soon… finally! It has been too long.

Anyway, I want to again express my gratitude to everyone who has stayed with me and appreciates what has been accomplished so far, as we all “yell at the wind” from the wilderness.

More updates will be coming soon.

Take Care, friends.