Blender intro animation for Zeit-Talks project

Project details

Project description (max 200 words): I’ve been delaying this project for far too long. I’ve decided to just start. I won’t work to complete the full intent of this project yet. I’m planning quite an impressive intro video, but I don’t have the skills yet. Delaying this project further to make it perfect doesn’t make sense. So I’ll start small and will develop the animations while creating episodes. This thread is just to show my progress and who knows, maybe some feedback or help can be given if people have experience with Blender/Inkscape.
Your personal background within the context of the project: none really. But to make content I have to do it, so I just work my way through it based on YouTube tutorials and help from the fora.
Estimated timeline in terms of time boxed deliverables: I guess two months to make this intro video and fully work out the details with OBS Studio. Much of that time will be spend rendering.
Resources needed or already arranged: time and some skills with Blender/Inkscape


Create Inscape file
Import it in Blender and transform it into 3D
Create a scene for the surrounding area
Work with camera effects
Create a stinger animation which zooms the image out into the center of the screen and then zooms in to full screen as a transition to be used in OBS Studio

Already made a start :tada:

Played with some light/camera/backdrop effects. I think even a simple intro would still take some time to make it nice :nerd_face:

I’ll bump the expected finalization date for an extra month. Rendering animations on a laptop takes forever.

Remember, some people only wants a direct content and not to look at the intro every time. Not saying it’s completely bad idea to have intros, but personally I always appreciate and prefer to not have intro at all. Also the editing is easier. If I were to have one, it shouldn’t take more than few seconds, and even then it spans through videos series and wastes everyone’s time and attention for no good reason.

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It will indeed be just a few seconds. The stinger may be one second. I also find it annoying if there is a segment that repeats in every video. Either about a sponsor or a long intro.

This is just still playing around, the final will be different. Just posting some initial work.

This image doesn’t say much, other than that’s it’s not a dead project. There are still a lot of moving parts to get this working, literally :nerd_face:

Rendering the intro video now. I’ll probably improve it over time, but the version I have now is good enough. I’ll now create 2 brief stinger animations and then I’m done.

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