First Zeit-Talks episode shaping up

Tweaking the animations slightly and the first bit of the video is now rendering. There is still considerable work to be done, mostly due to the Blender learning cure. This post is to just show the progress and hopefully inspire more people to start similar #activism:projects. We shouldn’t just be a debate club. We need to build chapters and advocate the train of thought both online and locally :tada:

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Any chance of seeing what you’ve done so far?

Not yet, this is just a tease.

But more info about the goal of this series can be found here.

Ahh, so it’s similar to the TZM Zday presentations and is more like TED talks and occasionally podcasts, etc… You are creating an intro video for them.

Makes more sense now.

Do you have any content for them?

For example Cliff and I had been working on a Podcast, we’ve got 2 episodes mostly completed and I’d written a bunch of script for the 3rd. But that’s under a different project name and setup.

No content that can be shared yet (besides the screenshot as a tease), just trying to make these kind of projects known. There isn’t much activity in TZM, so I think it’s great to poke the movement with these kind of progress reports.

Feel free to share it in the #activism:reports. We need to create an environment/culture where we can be more productive and trigger and inspire each other to do more.

First version of the thumbnail ready too, getting closer :tada: