Company of heroes 3 pre-alpha!

please read instead:

_ face with my dissonance at this time TZM fellows,

my old versions, the young’un gleefully celebrates this announcement while the me now rejects this glorification of war

not going to hyperlink to the announcement, _'d rather not… NO TANKS FOR YOU

I see your point and I appreciate the cleverness :slight_smile: But this is a bit like clickbait and the content of the post itself is linking to already existing topics. We now have a culture here on the forum that posts are relevant, concrete and helpful, I don’t think we want to go into this direction. Although I appreciate the joke of course! But the next one might be “Black Widow (2021) 720p 480p ,English subtitle , x265 x264” and then do the same trick :slight_smile: I’ll leave it up to the community to decide, if people decide to flag it, then I’ll remove it. Nothing personal! I like your contributions on the forum.

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