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I am slowly working on a video game project to present and experiment with the ideas of the movement. I use Core www.coregames.com , it’s based on unreal engine. The language is Lua. The particularity of Core is that you cannot import assets into Core, but you must use what is given to you by Core. It has a library full of 3d objects, materials, sounds, etc…, that you have to rearrange in order to make something new. The other particularity of Core is that it takes care of all the multiplayer part and offer free servers. Core is 100% free.

Right now, I am taking care of the programming aspect of things and also general project management. Any help is welcome, particularly to help build the world. Also if you have ideas about how to present things, how to talk about the ideas of the movement in a video game environment etc., you’re welcome. At this stage, basically any help is welcome.

If you’re interested and want to learn Core, you can go to www.coregames.com, download and install core, create an account. The file is less than 5gb.


Hi @czinczar_linn and welcome to the forum! Interesting project, could you please update the title of the topic with the name of the project? Otherwise it’s a bit too generic and might be confusing with future video game projects :slight_smile:

Here are some thoughts about how I see this project.

First, Core has an important limitation(it just came out of alpha, now is in beta) : there is no server persistence. Which means that when the last player leaves the game, the server shuts down and any modification made to the game world is lost. There is a way to save data but it is per player persistent data and not per game persistent data. This is important because it really changes what is possible or not to do with Core.

The difficulty I think is to come up with an experience that is engaging enough but which is also shaped by tzm ideas. The way I see it : when a new server instance is spawned, that is to say when a player launches the game and there isn’t already a non-full server instance running, the player should be presented with kind of a basic RBE city, which has basic systems running. From there, players must make choices that will impact the whole city and the whole population. They have access at all times to a statistics panel that summarizes the state of the city and it’s systems. Like in the screenshot above, at the top you can see basic statistics, like energy production, food, water, general health, etc… you get the idea.
I was also thinking about a voting process : basically any player could launch a vote about how to modify the city, and players could then vote to accept or reject the proposition.

The way I see it, we should not try to go to deep into the simulation game : It is not that important how the raw resources are acquired, or where the solar panels are located etc… Rather, I imagine a more abstract experience, a more social and experimental experience where players choices make all the difference.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about. Any input is welcome.

Yes, a name for the project. Do you have suggestions ?

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I’ve set a temporary title for your project. I also notified the whole @it-team by tagging them just now :slight_smile: Perhaps they have some ideas. I’ll read your post in more detail tomorrow.

By the way, did you also check out this project? Dymaxsyn -- RBE/Civ-Rebuild Video Game Project

Maybe you can combine resources.

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Yes I have seen it and I have read all the technical docs about it on gofundme a few weeks ago. It’s a very different game and a whole different project, and it seems with a team of professional devs already engaged.

The project I am proposing here is more on the open source side of things, where everyone can participate as long as they learn to use Core. Also it’s an open ended game, or should I say a sandbox game, and multiplayer. Also due to the nature of core, it is very easy and quick to update the game and add new content.

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It might not hurt to contact them. They might be persuaded by your take on it. It could save time and resources for all. The people from that project are not on this forum by the way. But you may indeed contact them via GoFundMe.

Could you please update your topic with the following information by editing the top post (so not as a reply, because then information becomes scattered throughout this thread).

  • How can people get involved?
  • Is there a public git repository somewhere?
  • What is your own background in the context of game development?
  • What is your project planning? In the sense of timeline with deliverables, resources needed, etc.

With this information people can get easier up to speed and generally get a better impression. Projects like these have been tried over the past 10 years without much progress after announcing it. Let’s change that :slight_smile:

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Hi @czinczar_linn, do you have an update about your project? Could you also read the previous comment? Or is the project already abandoned? If so, then please close the topic :slight_smile:

It’s not “already abandoned”. I am waiting for people to join me on this project. I made a presentation of it by sharing my screen the other day on the discord. What I am waiting for is for people to download Core and try to build stuff with it.

To answer some of your questions :
How can people get involved? Download Core and learn to use it.
Is there a public git repository somewhere? No need for now.

Why are you so eager for this thread to be closed ? Is this topic annoying you in some way ?

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Thanks for your reply! I’m not eager to close this topic at all. There seems to be no clear plan yet and you didn’t reply for more than 2 weeks :slight_smile: That’s why I got that impression.

Could you please append the answers of these questions in your topic (first post in this thread), then people don’t have to look for these details. These are the kind of details that make a project a project.

  • How can people get involved?
    • “Download core and learn to use it” doesn’t really provide structure, please be more concrete.
  • Is there a public git repository somewhere?
    • I would suggest to setup something, maybe with some example code, a demo of your project, things like that. It seems you’re expecting to people sync up with your idea without guidance.
  • What is your own background in the context of game development?
  • What is your project planning? In the sense of timeline with deliverables, resources needed, etc.

I’m trying to help you to bootstrap this project, I’m not eager to close it. To be honest with you, most projects in TZM are just about excitement. It would be great if we can change that culture. That’s why I’m asking about these details and provide you with this feedback. Please, don’t take that the wrong way, I’m just trying to help here (I’m an IT professional by the way and active in the open-source community).


That’s so cool to have both ideas. I’ve just realised that my current project is going to fit just fine into the “agriculture belt” of Dymaxsyn structure. It’s a simulator too. I’ve just written to tthose guys if they need a hand since I’ve almost finished.

The “game” could be a great management tool itself if fed with proper data in the future. Although it’s going to be lots of work there.

As for the “core” thing helping us visualize stuff I’m all about lots of people making this happen, because the RBE world won’t be as homogenous and neatly drawn as Fresco envisioned and we could show that by having lots of people design it. Preferably people already working in design and architecture but not exclusively. I’ve seen people reacting negatively to round cities, because they were too uniform and that was for them synonymous with some sort of tyranny or oppression of the individual. That said I won’t join you with Core because I’m a backend developer and my design looks really bad. :smile:

Also I think our stuff should be permanent and not just disappear with the last user. We shouldn’t be imho reliant on someone else’s infrastructure. If and when things become political they could shut us down or introduce lags to discourage people in no time.

Edit: It’s that bad really. If you want to spare time for some tests it’s available on: plodozmian.agro.pl


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Hi, @czinczar_linn. Any update on this project or the above request? What have you been doing yourself so far? It would be great to give regular updates on how you’re progressing and what you’re doing. :slight_smile:

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@czinczar_linn any update at all? :slight_smile: If there is no reply within 3 days, the topic will automatically close. Please PM me to open it up again. That won’t be a problem. But this project so far seems to go nowhere and the project leader (you) is unresponsive. Due to that I decided to do this, seems reasonable to me. But again, please PM me if anything changes. Thanks!

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