I want to translate video content

Hey guys!

I’m sorry if this post is inappropriate in any way but hopefully this attempt can be included in the “goals excuse the means” section of your brains.

I’m a newcomer and would like to help spread awareness by translating YouTube video content mainly by Peter or anything needed really.

Trouble is, I’ve never done this before. Is there software that allows me to do this for various youtube videos of my choice? Or do I need to have a copy of the video, to which I add the subtitles and then re-upload? How do I retrieve the text from a video?

If this is not the place for this and should do research on my own, because it’s clear I haven’t, I’ll just GTFO so just say so. Plus, I didn’t have a much else to say but sort of wanted to say ‘hello’

Heil Peter Joseph! :joy:


Hi @Chris_Asd and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We have the @linguistic-team where you may add yourself to. But the team is largely inactive on this forum. This forum is also just a few months old by the way.

There is however a dedicated forum for translations: https://forum.linguisticteam.org/

Of course feel free to start projects here, but the forum above has more resources and experience with this. Hope that helps, if you have questions, please let us know.

Check out our Dutch linguistic team page for some more info. Google Translate will help you of course: Vertaal-team | Zeitgeistbeweging Nederland

Is there software that allows me to do this for various youtube videos of my choice?


To use Amara some of the time you have to download the youtube video subtitles and import them into Amara.
For that I sometimes use either

Amara Online Subtitles Editor

I remember using Online Subtitles Editor: https://amara.org/en/

I can’t remember a lot of serious bad things about it and it is kind of simple to use.

Completely free for public translation.
Translation later on can be exported to .srt or many other formats.

Amara also stores your subtitles online, so you don’t need to care about uploading somewhere or keep a track on them on your hard drive.

Open Captions Subtitles

If you want open caption subtitles (for the subtitles to be always ingrained into the video itself)

You might download .srt file from Amara,
Import it into Adobe Premier Pro or any other Video Editor and export the video with Open Captions enabled.

For open captions you also need a video itself. To download video from youtube I use: YouTube Downloader - Download YouTube videos in MP3, MP4, 3GP | Y2mate.com

I heard youtube has free trial of 30 days for youtube premium, so that you could basicly do the same as with y2mate, but with more elegance.


Thank you very much, guys!

One last thing: will this post/topic be deleted for any reason any time soon? Or will I be able to come back to it for information provided here?

It won’t be deleted. But make sure you don’t reuse this topic for follow-up questions that may need a thread of their own. :slight_smile:

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