Insta-thought (show the positive changes you come across)

This thread is about sharing your own pictures that you e.g. took in your own local area that show positive change, preferably in the context of the train of thought. Here are some examples:

  • Wind/solar/geothermal/wave power solutions
  • Fablabs, 3D printing locations, hacker spaces, hydro/aquaphonics or other community centers that provides society’s strategic_access to their basic needs and beyond which may also focus on localization
  • Sharing/distribution hubs of goods and services
  • Practices such as recycling or second chance shops that keep goods and services in circulation
  • Smart digital digital_feedback systems that allow us to monitor the health of the planet
  • automation that frees humans
  • open-source projects/practices, not necessarily in terms of software

A local group developing smart city designs and circular economy goals

A representation of a local smart power grid for both residential and industry areas

A local hackerspace/fablab where you can do courses for e.g. 3D printing and work on your projects


IoT (Internet of Things) devices that can measure pollution in the city

Our own TZM urban farm

This industrial 3D printer has printed bridges for Amsterdam

Local wind-park, one of many around my hometown

Go-Sharing is a service where you can just grab electric bikes/scooters/cars and use them for transportation. Without the burden of owning it. This reduces waste and uses less parking space. And of course, by using electric vehicles, you will contribute less to global warming. If of course the power is generated with renewable power. Which is the case here :slight_smile:

The picture above is by the way shot with a Fairphone 4, a sustainably build phone by utilizing a modular design, not sourcing the materials from conflict zones, paying the works a fair wage, recycling as much as possible and supporting the phone for at least 5 years in terms of software, spare parts and warranty.

Almost every station in nl has bikes for rent. It’s just 3 euro per day and you can have one for 72 hours. Discounts are available with subscriptions. It’s an ideal way to combine it with train travel. Using fast public transportation that runs on renewable power and then continue by bike.

They never should’ve left, free drinking water fountains. They can be found around the country. The Fairphone app has a map with all the local fountains (and recycling centers) nearby. Food, water, transportation, education, healthcare and housing are basic needs. We still need to go a long way. The question remains, do we have the resources to make these needs freely available? Or at least make strategical decisions with automation and resource management to make the prices go down.

Local forest with windmills at the background.

This forest is called a food forest, anyone may get fruits, nuts, seeds, spices, etc., but only as much as they need and make sure the forest remains well maintained. It’s a
community effort to offer local fresh food for free.

People may also share cookbooks.

The VR headsets are at a visitor center which shows the local ecosystem and history in virtual reality. The white pole is an insect shelter.

This local farmer uses a GPS guiding system, mounted on top of the cabine, which helps to steer the tractor. This makes plowing more efficient by riding in straight lines, but also is able to automatically steer the tractor across the field. It’s not full automation, but it’s a good example of technology extending human productivity. Which is exactly the goal behind technology; do more with less.

Recently rented a bike in the Dutch city Utrecht. I got the bike from the world’s largest bicycle park. Excellent way to get cheap strategic_access to green transportation.


Good to see that the Fairphone 4 is becoming more mainstream!

A local greenhouse had an open day, the place was like a ZDay.


Hydroponics/aquaponics allow us to reduce water consumption and pesticides. It also allows us to grow crops inside cities, promoting localization. These systems may also utilize automation.

Use of natural pest control

Using nature itself allows us to minimize environmental damage, since the alternative may be pesticide.

3D printing

3D printing allows us to customize manufacturing and produce them locally, which allows localization. The development of the 3D models may also be open-source, making it possible to improve and share the designs as a community.


Using drones helps creating a digital digital_feedback loop, which allows us to monitor our usage and waste.

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I’m also active in the Fairphone community and because of that I was invited to their 10 year anniversary party. :tada:

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