Optimizing for activists engagement

I’d like to create activist personas to be able to tailor content to the goals and concerns of people consuming the content. In order to do that I want to conduct a survey among TZM members.

How would I be able to do that?
Where to find them?
Would you be interested in answering such a survey?

Also, with the use of the survey I might be able to construct the activists journey and find out where and how exactly people come into contact with TZM and what their experiences are.

We can use this to optimize the touchpoints and optimize engagement.


I can link some TZM hotspots for you, I’ll do that later today/tomorrow. The most convenient thing would be if people also share it themselves. Because there are a lot of social media pages/groups out there.

And then of course there are the chapter websites.

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Cool also found the Discord server :slight_smile:. Now I have to ponder a little on some ideas that I have. Have a nice weekend!


Hi again! Where are these screenshots from? Can you paste the link?

You can also use this:

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