Showcase of forum thread features


This topic shows a subset of abilities that are interesting on this forum. They help to facilitate workflows or provide useful formatting options.



An example of formatting is the title used here. This formatting is called markdown, follow this tutorial to learn the possibilities.

An example overview of formatting options are:

  • Lists, such as this one.
  • Quoting text.
  • Linking to web pages.
  • Embedding pictures from the web.
  • Create bold, italic or strikethrough text.
  • Show unformatted text.
  • And more…


Did you also check out this feature?
You can use it by writing [ ]
When you, as owner of the post, click on the boxes, they will be checked, but you can also place an ‘x’ in there like [x]


In case you’re a meme fan, we also have support for GIFs. Sometimes a GIF says a thousand words…

schitts creek comedy GIF by CBC


It’s also possible to tag users and forum groups. You start with @ and then type the name of the user or group, e.g. @Serf or @chapter_netherlands.

You can also tag the categories with #, such as Activism or a custom tag such as nl. People with trust level 3 or higher can create custom tags, anyone below that trust level may only select the community created tags.


The :slight_smile: icon in the toolbar shows all emojis as you also know them on your phone :sunglasses:

Time zones

In case someone has set a date and time for an event, it can sometimes be tricky to know when that is in your timezone. Use the :calendar: option in the toolbar to create a general overview of a scheduled day and time: 2021-03-13T07:30:00Z2021-03-13T11:00:00Z.

Post options

In the toolbar of a post, there is an icon that looks like this: :gear:
When you open this option menu the following will appear:
Screenshot from 2021-02-17 07-57-29

Canned replies

If you are a moderator, you may be confronted with repetitive issues that can be solved with a standard reply. These are called canned replies and help to save time and to create refined answers that are improved over time. Read more about it here.

Hide details

In case you need to share text or perhaps code, it may be best to hide this block of text. This will help to keep posts short and concise. This may also be used to hide spoilers for e.g. newly released movies.


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Create policy

In case you want to have your chapter or team to agree on a certain policy, you can formulate policy rules and select the forum group that needs to agree to it.

All people in the forum group @chapter_netherlands will have to agree with this policy as a test.

Build poll

Sometimes it’s useful to get the general opinion of the community on a certain topic. A poll is therefore very useful to get this quick overview. There are many options available, read more about it here. Below is a single example.

Do you want to participate in this example?
  • Yes
  • Also yes

0 voters

Insert table of contents

For long posts with titles and subtitles, such as this one, it may be useful to provide a table of contents. This is automatically generated based on the titles used. This table of contents is visible next to this post. It has replaced the usual thread timeline.

Wiki functionality

It’s also possible to promote a post into a wiki article and allow community changes.

In practice this means that anyone with a sufficient trust level can promote a regular post into a wiki article. People with trust level 1 or higher are then able to contribute changes to the post.

Shared edits

If it’s needed to edit the same post with multiple people, like on Google Docs, then the shared edit option offers this functionality. This can be useful for e.g. meeting notes.