System change meetup in Amsterdam

Today I was with @Serf from @chapter_netherlands at a system change meetup in Amsterdam. We exchanged some thoughts with other movements that strive for a better world. I’ll probably go in more details in the upcoming Zeit-Talks episodes.

My personal impression was that there were a lot of ideas to “destroy” the system, and thus ideas to transition towards a new form of economy were rare if at all. There was a certain “us against them” mentality. Left versus right, rich versus poor, people versus elite/government, but a detailed system analysis and proposals for sustainable change were not very impressive. This doesn’t count for all of course, there were a bunch of awesome people with sharp perspectives and entrepreneurship, especially in terms of energy.

This isn’t bad per se, it shows that TZM still has a role to fulfill, although being redundant is our goal. Then we realized the awareness of system change.