TROM trade-free online services

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This is quite similar to I personally would support that initiative more. This is because they have a longer track record, experience and also develop hardware.

It has been compared trade-free services with paid services. has a lot of more then 4 services. They should not been compared.


Is “trade free” a correct term? What do you exactly mean by that? For me it’s strange to label it like that since it’s built upon work from others, which didn’t have that goal and method. Maybe you can tell some more about what you mean?

Where are trade-free books with 1000 pages ( highly recommended) or the shortest explanaition is here

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Awesome, I’ll check it later. I’m a bit sceptical, because something will always be in trade, such as time and energy at a basic level. But I’ll read it in some more detail when I have more time.

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It is called volutering, it is trade-free for you.

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I’ve read the page now, thanks for providing a nice overview and video to summarize the idea. I get volunteering, but to me there is always some kind of trade happening. I also host this forum as a volunteer and pay the expenses that come with it, spend the necessary time on it to make it run smooth, stable and reliable. My reward is to see people visit the forum, sign-up, interact and thus get exposed to this Train of thought we advocate. If that trade wasn’t happening, then I would not spend my time, energy and money on this forum because it wouldn’t be worth it. For any input, there has to be an equal or higher output, otherwise it’s not efficient. That’s important, because you can only spend time, energy and money once.

At the same time I’m using these open source software projects, which aren’t all non-profit. They trade for example their expertise and time to support their customers for money. I also have a job and I exchange my money to pay for the hosting and sponsor some of these open-source projects. So even if there is no price tag on them, they certainly at the core aren’t free either. And there is a trade going on between the core maintainers and volunteers that help improve the product with the goal to benefit from it.

I know I sound a bit difficult here :slight_smile: And I don’t intend to convince you otherwise. It’s your choice to advertise it like you do. I personally think there is no such thing as trade-free. Even in nature you see an exchange of dependencies. But I could be wrong and maybe don’t understand it quite well.

At least we both want to transition to a post-scarcity society, of which for TZM/TVP is a resource based economy. Where we hopefully may make the use of money obsolete because of automation and efficiency (increase the output efficiency with a low input). So that’s the most important part. It’s great to see more people here from other organizations that share this common world view! Welcome! :tada:

It is ok to not understand. And I fully understand what you say.

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