When was the last time you have participated to a TZM event and you can describe it as entertaining and fun?

Question for the members? When was the last time you have participated to a TZM event and you can describe it as entertaining and fun?What activities did you do?

A while ago I attended a lecture together with @Serf and @verdediger (and some others that aren’t on this forum). We had dinner, talked and then attended this lecture which was about “Planet Finance”. Which gave us also some stuff to talk about after the lecture. We wrote a blog about it in Dutch (your browser can probably translate it for you). These kind of activities are always fun and keep the movement alive. It takes minimum effort.


Thank you Kees for your comment. Do you remember any other activity that does not include Lectures like the starter of the meeting?

We usually do combine it with some kind of TZM themed activity. When @Gilbert_Ismail was still alive (one year ago) we also had regular hangout meetings at his place.

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Thank you Kees, have you ever tried to make a database of skills and competences of the team members of your chapter?

(Sorry too many questions)

We basically use our teams for that:

When people signup they can show interest for those teams which focus on certain skills. On our subreddit we have the option to tag certain posts for these teams to keep things categorized. A central database is not something we keep because our chapter is not big enough for that. We know what to expect from each other and we’re also in one group chat on Signal. So if skills are required, we can easily reach out via Signal or Reddit.

The forum also has a similar structure, but then international in scope through teams. You can send messages to these teams or tag them. Joining is also easy to do.

I used to be quite involved about until about 10 years ago. Then switched to other groups because tzm meetings never agreed on projects to pursue. Meetings remained a kind of social event, not developing into teams.
With Occupy London another mode of activism promised to emerge but that failed as well.

I have not gathered this. Thank you.
Teams, skills, projects would be my interests but can not spend enough time on navigating to gain a comprehensive grasp (or so it seems to me now).

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What do you think was the problem? free time available to the members or agreement on projects?

Excuse me, what do you mean?

Not sure what I need to clarify…

Probably basic communication skills which are not imparted by general education. A fundamental failure (among a few others), methinks

SO, it was the communication with the members not achieving projects?

No, I think it was more fundamental and simple. Personal value systems did not get aligned. I still experience this problem with people willing to meet but unable to progress to form a teem towards an agreed goal…
But these thoughts are after reading other people’s views and experiences.

For example [Unmasking Fear and Greed: The Real Reason We Disagree About the Future ]


In the early stages of the movement I experienced the same kind of issues in #nl. I would say the problem was that they didn’t use the SMART criteria to define the scope of the project. Often people held a competition, who could think of the most ambitious idea. Of course you have to think in terms of what’s possible with the people, time, skills and budget at hand. Because this wasn’t done, people got frustrated when their unattainable project didn’t get more hands and they gave up out of disappointment.

My 2 cents, scope in terms of what you can do. And then scale out if needed. Otherwise things start to get unpleasant.


What about your own experience? Do you feel motivated to organize meetings?

At the present time, in a nutshell, no. I did organize a very successful Z day in Milan years ago, but I get lost cause difficulties creating an efficient team in order to work on projects.

Do you really need a team? I rarely work in teams, but do get things done. Of course I do depend on the Internet community, but I don’t necessarily need a team. Maybe start small and work on getting a network of people willing to spend time together. After that you maybe can bring up projects. Projects that are based on volunteers are hard, but also with paid employees a project can be difficult. Scope the project well and have a goal set, one that can be used to build on further for a next project. Then momentum can be buildup.

Yes, we really need a team to work better on projects and grown up in numbers of people aware about the transition.

But are you really blocked to do something right now? Just trying to figure out if having a team is really needed to get started. I don’t think so, otherwise you might be stuck in a paradox. You want a team to build up the movement, but wont start until there is a team to work on your ideas :nerd_face:

Start small, by first gather like-minded people and work on the things you can already do with your skills, time and budget. It may organically grow into bigger things. Don’t depend your actions on others, otherwise it becomes unstable when people just come to have a look, but not willing to do more than that. Manage expectations :slight_smile: