Why did TZM and TVP split?

I would be interested in the in the reasons for the break with the VP. Is there any “soul searching” as a result?

TVP never broke up in #nl. The problem was on a higher level. You can hear what happened here:

Basically Jacque wanted to use the movement to collect money for a movie. Peter Joseph first wanted to see who would be directing the movie and where the money would be used for exactly. Which makes perfect sense to me, you cannot just collect money without having a plan. Jacque had the argument that TZM didn’t know enough about an RBE. Which to a certain extent was true as well. But there was no real reason to split I think. In the end I think it was for the best. TVP is more of a top-down organization while TZM is grassroots. So if people complain about the structure of TZM, they can join TVP and visa versa.

Thank you. Very instructive.

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