Zeitgeist Commune Housing

Zeitgeist Commune Housing Project

Feature of the Project
futuristic, high-tech environment, city of future model
low carbon model, environmental friendly & sustainable developer
5 stars amenities, beach, parks, swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, lakes etc
permanently free facility/accommodation available
unlimited access
daily, weekly, monthly available

Objective of the Project
for physical meeting place or permanently free accomodation for activist usage
moving from primitive to civilized/advanced/sharing society
transition towards post scarcity model society
transition towards abundance access
transition project to RBE
reduce dependency on monetary slave system
the new human rights movement
beyond poverty, politics and war

Status : Available Now

Contact Us
City Introduction

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Awesome project! Thanks for creating the topic!

I modified your post a bit so that it uses the proper project check boxes that are clickable and I removed the “completed” text from the title. That’s because you can mark topics as “solved” (I’ll mark this reply as solved for you), which creates a topic tag for that. That way people can also filter for unsolved (incomplete) projects.

One other remark, please try to keep the project description specific and realistic. Many of the things you wrote here are more like slogans than actual achievable goals in the context of this project. You don’t have to change it, it’s really not that big of a deal. It’s just a remark to make project goals more specific and realistic so that it’s easier to understand when this project reached its goal. Removing war, politics, poverty, the monetary system, etc. are nice goals. But it’s a bit too much to add that to this goal. I personally would keep it more realistic and specific. The first one you mention in the list says it all I guess “can be used for physical meeting place or permanently free accomodation for activist usage”. :slight_smile:

More info:

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