Richest 10% of people in UK use more energy flying than poorest do overall

People should put their money where their mouth is. If they of course talk about meaningful change that is. :nerd_face:

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Hello Kees,
This is janosabel again. Just say I am following the link you have suggested a little while ago…

This is a Core Issue and is categorically different from the Big Issue of, for example, Climate Change…

So there is no Chapter in Britain?

PS. You may be interested in linking up with We are the 99 %

Can you explain that in more detail please?

About the chapter UK, you’ve joined their group. In the description is more info.

It is the activities of the 1% (a shorthand code for a complex discussion) that is endangering the life supporting ability of the planet.

The general statement that “we are destroying the planet” is bad and dangerous misnomer. It makes ordinary people guilty and diverts analytical attention from the real causes.

By the way, this is not to seek people to blame but to identify causal areas in a malfunctioning system.

PS. where can I get help with formatting codes?

The way I see it, we all contribute. We shouldn’t just point fingers at one group. Saying e.g. that the 1% should invest in renewables while someone doesn’t do that themselves, is of course a losing battle. It of course matters if that person has the ability to chose that energy source. But then again, you can still make an impact.

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