What is missing in TZM activism?


Can you explain that in more detail please?
Maybe “Causal Issue” makes the meaning more obvious, while the Big Issue of Climate Change is a symptomatic issue although overwhelmingly big.
You may find the article Core Issues here interesting

I have been busy all over the place on zeitgeist related platforms including googledocs and The Co-Initiative Method Proposition. I am wondering what is missing from TZM movement.

I think it is suffering from the illusion that knowing enough about things will make people go into action as a result (“more of the truth” will turn them into activists). This has been called Classic Activism by Jack Harich:

I can certainly try, but not sure what you’re asking. You’re quoting your own text, the question about the chapters in Britain was answered in that thread. The article you link to contains a list of issues, I don’t have the time to go through that. Could you please phrase your exact question? Climate change is indeed a symptomatic issue, it’s caused by our infinite growth economy.

That has been applied in #co-initiatives at the moment, I’ve closed that GDocs now, since the idea is worked out now. If there are comments about the consensus method, then topics can be created on the forum :slight_smile:

The goal is indeed to assist the emergence of a different culture from within and proposing systemic changes. The premise isn’t that hard, we need a steady growth economy. Since infinite growth is a utopian idea and will always fail on a planet that doesn’t have infinite resources. What kind of approach would you suggest?

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This thread is now getting very confused. Lets stop and rewind:

A few posts ago you asked me to clarify my statement that there are big issues and core issues. This latter should have been said causal issue for clarity.

The distinction is important because big issues like climate change or unsustainable global economic system, can not be solved. They are caused by underlying causal issues that must be identified and eliminated.

I hoped you would have the time to look at the documents I linked to, since I, myself, can not do justice to the importance they have in showing why efforts to substantially improve the word fail. and will continue to fail…

I do not think this is pessimism but realism (I am 86 with five grand children and feel sorry for them on account of the world my generation is leaving to them).

I hope this makes some sense

“What kind of approach” would I suggest? I suggest a look at Jack Harich’s analytical activist systems approach
( Analytical Activism - Tool/Concept/Definition ) to solving the sustainability problem.

Yes sorry, I had to split up the original thread because it also become off topic for the topic the discussions were held in. But when you want to pick up an older discussion, then it’s best to quote the bits and pieces relevant to that. Then it will be easier to pick off where we left things.

Time for me is a bit scarce, but if you have a specific question then I can do my best to answer it.

This is something TZM also acknowledges. Indeed, as long as we don’t understand the root cause of the problems we would only react to symptoms. That’s why we promote a different type of economy, one that’s not based on infinite growth.

Wow! It’s really great to see you on this forum! I appreciate the links you’ve shared. Best I can do is add them to my Pocket saves and hopefully I will find the time this month to read them through when I’m in the train or something like that. When I’ve done that I’ll get back to you in this thread.

I believe the basic knowledge shared is ok, but the movement lack of entertaining and engaging activities to spread the word and get more people in.

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Hi Lory, welcome to the forum! I agree, I believe this can be fixed if we would focus more on chapter building. Face to face contact may inspire more fun activities. TZM NL for example meets regularly and mixes it with e.g. attending interesting lectures or workshops. The next step is of course creating fun online viral content. That requires a different kind of dedication and skill level to do right. Luckily we have a few people in TZM that do work on this.

Hi Kees thank you . Hello everybody from London.

Question for the members if I can?